13 May, 2024

Chef Executive



Collardeau Area, Port Vila, Vanuatu


Due Date: 




Full time


Organisation Description: 

H & F TAKEAWAY FOOD SUPPLIES is a Bangladesh newly exclusive cuisine ready to unleash varieties of Asian dishes in Port Vila Town. We are located at Collardeau area on the top hill of the dark corner. We will be serving Indian and Pakistani dishes as well in the heart of Port Vila. We also have the capability of catering services for any interested organization or individual who wishes to undergo special functions and buffets.  


Job Desctiption:

We are seeking for a cuisine Chef who is passionate in cooking and experienced in Asian dishes to the Chef of the cuisine. He will be the key person in charge of the food and beverage industry.  His responsibilities are as follows;
• perform your duties as a Chef within your skills and competency for the customer's service;
• ensure food safely measures are paramount in the environment you are operating in;
• keep the restaurant clean as much as possible for hygiene purposes;
• ensure to have fresh cooked foods at all times;
• adequately monitor food supplies stock in provisions are sufficiently ready for the operations of the restaurant;
• comply with the Port Vila City Council By-Laws of Heath Foods nourishment and apply all menu courses appropriately;
• give the company the full benefit of your knowledge, integrity, experience and technical skills;
• Train local staff knowing how to provide Asian dishes.


Selection Criteria:

• The candidate must have at least five years experience in the field of Chef and in the hospitality industry.
• An executive Chef oversees the daily operation of kitchen especially the experience of Asian cuisine.
• Proficient knowledge in food and beverage management.
• Having an advantage of English or French languages.
• Must be attentive to all supplier chains.
• Must be punctual and work overtime schedules.




How to Apply

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Contact Person:

H & F Takeaway Food Supplies


Contact Phone:

(678) 7738372


Email to send applications to:



Postal Address or location to apply in person:

MOK City Motel
Room # 17
Port Vila





How to apply - more information:

 For further information on the above job please contact the employer directly.


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