20 March, 2024

Electrician & Technician Engineer

The Melanesian Hotel


Port Vila

Due Date:



Full Time

Organisation Description:

Melanesian is a 3 star hotel located at Nambatu area. Walking distance to town, fresh local market, supermarket and restaurants. We have 75 rooms for our guest. Ranging from Standard rooms to self-contained apartment rooms. We cater for short and long stay clients.
With also have2 Restaurant onsite, 3 meeting rooms, Tours desk in our lobby area, Spa onsite and Casino. Convenient parking area for our guest.

Job Desctiption:

We are looking for a Technician & Electrician Engineer to join the team.
Circuit design and analysis – Ability to design and analyze analog, digital, and mixed-signal circuits.
Control systems – Ability to design, model, and optimize control systems, including feedback and open-loop control systems. These skills for an electrical engineer are instrumental in controlling and regulating various systems, including robotics, automation, and power systems.
Digital signal processing – Ability to design and optimize digital systems, such as communication, audio and video processing, and biomedical systems.

Selection Criteria:

Data analysis – Ability to identify trends, patterns, and anomalies in large datasets. They use this skill to analyze data from various sources, including sensors, meters, and other devices.
Fault analysis – Ability to identify and diagnose faults in electrical systems. They use this skill to troubleshoot and repair faulty electrical systems and components.
Optimization – Ability to find the best solution to a problem by maximizing or minimizing a specific objective function.
Risk analysis – Ability to identify and assess potential electrical systems and components risks. They use this skill to develop and implement risk mitigation strategies.
Statistical analysis – Ability to analyze and interpret data using statistical methods, including regression analysis, hypothesis testing, and analysis of variance.
Systems analysis – Ability to identify and analyze a system's components, inputs, outputs, and interactions. These skills can help understand and optimize complex systems, including power, communication, and control systems.


How to Apply

Apply by:

In person

Contact Person:

The Director

Contact Phone:

(678) 22150

Email to send applications to:


Postal Address or location to apply in person:


How to apply - more information:

We will require application letter, all CV and past references from previous jobs, some certificate on the engineering side

For further information on the above job please contact the employer directly.

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