03 March, 2024

Chief Engineer

The Havannah Vanuatu


Havannah Harbour Nort Efate


Due Date: 




Full time


Organisation Description: 

Adults only Boutique resort for couples


Job Desctiption:

As the head of the engineering department, the resort's Chief Engineer is responsible for maintaining all equipment, facilities, and utilities within the hotel resort. The goal is to provide guests with a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable stay. This role involves close collaboration with other departments, including housekeeping, front desk, and catering, to efficiently resolve any issues.
1. Maintenance Programs: Develop and implement preventive maintenance programs to extend the life of hotel equipment and systems.
2. Safety Compliance: Ensure compliance with safety regulations and standards.
3. Team Management: Oversee the engineering team, training, and scheduling.
4. Budget Control: Monitor and control the budget for the engineering department.
5. Renovation Projects: Plan and execute renovation projects and upgrades to the property.
6. Vendor Relationships: Maintain relationships with outside contractors and vendors.
7. Regular Inspections: Conduct regular inspections of the property to identify areas that need repair or improvement.
8. Energy Efficiency: Evaluate energy usage and develop strategies to reduce costs.
9. Cross-Departmental Coordination: Work with other departments to ensure smooth hotel operations.


Selection Criteria:

As a Chief Engineer, we require applicants with the following qualifications:
• Education: Diploma of Radio and Electronics, Certificate of Refrigeration, Certificate in Hospitality and or Hotel management.
• Experience: Relevant hands-on work experience, typically at least 10 years.
• Technical Skills: Proven IT computer proficiency, strong technical and problem-solving abilities.
• Leadership Skills: Interpersonal and leadership capabilities.
• Communication: Excellent communication and project management aptitude.
• Certifications: Certified Electrical Manager (CEM) or Certified Energy Manager (CEM). Diploma of Radio and Electronics, Certificate of Refrigeration, Certificate in Hospitality and or Hotel management




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The General Manager


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 For further information on the above job please contact the employer directly.


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