19 September, 2023

DNA Research & Laboratory Manager

Forney Enterprises




Due Date: 




Full Time


Organisation Description: 

Forney Enterprise is family owned and operated kava processing plant located in Espiritu Santo.  
Established in 2005, Forney exports high-quality, noble kava powders to a broad global market.


Job Desctiption:

Laboratory & Kava Research Manager


Selection Criteria:

1)   Tertiary education (minimum of a masters) in Bachelor of Science in Medicinal Chemistry
2     A minimum 5 years experience in running a laboratory in a senior role
3)    A sound knowledge of HPLC (Liquid chromatography) Operation & Maintenance
4)    Familiar with modern analytical spectroscopic methods and equipment, including sample       preparation and interpretive analyses
5)    Experience in inventory control
6)    Must have a sound network of high-quality and reliable laboratory suppliers and technical advisors
7)    Experience in academic and commercial research and development labs
8)    Excellent computer, administrative and time management skills
9)    Must be willing to Travel to attend seminars and training overseas to advance current research
10)  Must have a clean criminal history
11)  Ability to get along with others and work in a team environment
12)  Committed to delivering work of exceptional and accurate standard



Remuneration is negotiable and related to experience and qualifications of the successful applicant


How to Apply

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Contact Person:

Asha Beohula


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How to apply - more information:

 For further information on the above job please contact the employer directly.


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