31 January, 2018

7405 Consultant for Communications

Department of Water Resources

Government Department
 Port Vila, Vanuatu
Job Hours:
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Job Description:
Term: Consultant or Firm
Program Type: MFAT Water Sector Partnership
Duration: 60 Days
1. Background and Overview
The Department of Water Resources (DoWR) under the auspices of the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, was set up to ensure sustainable and equitable access to safe water and sanitation for the people of Vanuatu to support improved public health and promote social and economic development.

2. Purpose
In 2017, a ‘National Implementation Plan for Safe and Secure Drinking Water’ (NIP), was approved by the National Water Advisor Council (NWAC).  The NIP is a national framework for achieving Vanuatu’s vision of 100% access to safely managed drinking water by 2030. The NIP defines 2 key implementation mechanisms: (1) ‘Drinking Water Safety and Security Plans’ (DWSSP) which is a community level planning tool and data gathering mechanism that enables the DoWR to plan and implement water infrastructure investments; and (2) the ‘Capital Assistance Programme’ (CAP) which is the financing and procurement mechanism that allows DoWR to deliver water infrastructure projects for communities that have completed a DWSSP. The NIP aims to complete DWSSPs for all 2000 Vanuatu communities by 2030. 

As the NIP is rolled out, there is a need to communicate key messages regarding DWSSPs, the NIP and CAP to Area Secretaries, Council of Chiefs, Church leaders and Village WASH committee members.  The Media Creation Consultant (Consultant) will create a communication strategy, finalize key messages and then create needed videos, poster and/or sample letters.

3. Scope
The Consultant should collect initial information, by reading existing documents, conducting stakeholder interviews and joining a DWSSP demonstration for one week in a village.  The Consultant will then define key messages to be approved by DoWR and MFAT Water Sector Partnership Steering Committee.  The key messages should be tailored to each different audience.  The consultant will then develop the needed media.  At a minimum, this will include the below listed deliverables explaining the NIP, CAP and DWSSPs for different audiences.  For example, the consultant may create a sample letter that area secretaries can adapt and send to chiefs, church, village water committees explaining:  1) the importance of a DWSSP, 2) proposed outcomes of a DWSSP, and 3) how a community can start a DWSS.

4. Deliverables, Timing and Level of Effort
Key deliverables, percent of payment, and timing:
  • Preliminary Plan submitted for approval by DoWR and MFAT Water Sector Partnership Steering Committee, outlining key messages, audiences, and suggested communication channels in English (10% payment, 15 days from assignment start)
  • Product Outlines presented to DoWR staff in a meeting for discussion.  Product outlines should include storyline for film and sketches of brochures topic areas.  (10% payment, 30 days from assignment start)
  • Initial draft of agreed upon multi-media products (30% payment, 45 days from assignment start) 
  1. two posters
  2. two sample letters
  3. two brochures  
  • Final drafts of agreed upon media submitted, taking into account comments from DoWR staff and MFAT Water Sector Partnership Steering Committee (60 days from assignment start)
  1. two posters  (5%)
  2. two sample letters (5%)
  3. two brochures (10%)
          5. Qualifications
          The firm or individual selected must:
          • Experience creating videos, brochures and posters in Vanuatu
          • Ability to produce deliverables on time
          • Language fluency and excellent writing ability in English
          • Local Language and/or Bislama required.
          There is no restriction on the nationality, citizenship or current residence of the candidate, but permanent or temporary residents of Vanuatu are preferred. 


          Not Stated


          English, Bislama

          How To Apply:
          6. Application Details
          Interested individuals or firms should send a cover letter outlining related experience, CV, total rate and examples of similar material produced to:  Esther Sandrin Teitoka esteitoka@vanuatu.gov.vu. All applications should be submitted before February 12th at noon.  
          Contact Person:

          Esther Sandrin Teitoka


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                       31-January-18 Direct from Employer

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