25 April, 2017

6900 Media & Events Officer

Vanuatu Tourism Office (VTO)

Hotels, Restaurant, Tourism & Travel
Emile Mercet Street, Port-Vila, Vanuatu
Job Hours:
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Job Description:

The Media and Events Officer works under the direction of the Senior Media and Events as well as supporting other VTO staff in the successful marketing and promotion of Vanuatu as a tourism destination. The duties and responsibilities of the position centre on the key marketing areas of media relations and implementation of events which form an essential part of the overall destination product. The role envisages assisting hosted media familiarization visits and planning and implementing media and events programs under the VTO annual work plan. The Officer also contributes to the development of new events as part of Vanuatu’s calendar of events.

Duties & Responsibilities:
  1. Supports the Senior Media and Events in developing programs and activities in the fields of media and events for inclusion in the marketing strategy and annual marketing plan of the VTO
  2. Takes an active part in the implementation of VTO’s media programs and activities and assists the Senior Media and Events in the field of public and media relations
  3. Assists visiting TV crews with visa facilitation, issuance of relevant permits, importation of equipment, etc., so as to maximize positive coverage of Vanuatu’s tourist attractions and facilities
  4. Assists with the development and coordination of travel itineraries for visiting media and travel trade
  5. Organizes familiarizations within a strict budget and negotiates with tourism industry on rates to maximize the cost benefit and experience of each familiarization
  6. Provides meet and greet/transfer service for visiting travel agents/tour operators
  7. Escorts as host/guide on sightseeing/fact finding
  8. Reviews media coverage resulting from media famils and distributes relevant clippings to the industry associations and the individual stakeholders/partners concerned
  9. Helps the Senior Media and Events in developing, arranging and coordinating specific tourism events/projects (e.g. Tok Tok, Tourism Awards, etc.) as per the annual work plan and marketing plan and within agreed budgets and timelines
  10. Assists in identifying and evaluating possible new events in liaison and cooperation with key industry stakeholders to develop, expand and promote Vanuatu’s current Events Calendar
  11. Cooperates closely with the digital and e-marketing section of the marketing division and the overseas market representatives to ensure maximum exposure is gained and information disseminated on local events internationally
  12. Deals with travel trade inquiries, particularly in respect of special events, and escorts familiarizations when required
  13. Works closely with the Senior Media and Events in supporting VTO’s international reps with trade events (e.g. AIME, Flight Centre shows, road shows), including coordination of event display material, exhibition booths, accommodation, transport, freight of promotional materials, and where necessary representation of Vanuatu and VTO at international events
  14. Assists in maintaining an up-to-date Events Calendar for inclusion in publications including visitor brochures, Air Vanuatu in-flight magazine and the VTO website
  15. Helps in maintaining and regularly updating databases on media and events for internal planning purposes and local industry use
  16. Assists in preparing post-event feedback reports to the General Manager and industry partners working at the event and in maintaining an accurate and efficient filing system of events
  17. Undertakes other projects and duties as directed by the Assistant Manager Media and Events.
Results & Performance Measures:
  • Efficient organization of domestic itineraries for media and trade famils
  • Level of meet & greet services provided
  • Positive feedback from media and trade famils hosted
  • Successful organization of special events
  • Relationship with industry
  • Updated media and events databases
  • Level and quality of support provided to overseas market reps for major trade events
  • Level of destination product knowledge
  • Completion of other duties as directed by the Senior Media and Events and the Marketing Manager.
  • Have at least three years’ experience in the tourism sector, preferably in a similar position; Be computer literate and fluent in using Microsoft programs, email, internet and other related programs
  • Must have good communication skills
  • Be fluent in French and English language; Have a formal qualification or training in tourism or any related field; Has a valid driver’s licence.


Not Stated


English, French

How To Apply:

Written applications including copies of qualification and curriculum vitae should be forwarded to the Marketing Manager, Vanuatu Tourism Office, PO BOX 209, Port Vila no later than 28th April 2017.

Contact Person:

Marketing Manager


(+678) 22515

Vanuatu Tourism Office, PO Box 209, Port-Vila, Vanuatu


Not Stated

             25-Apr-17 Direct From Employer

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