04 April, 2017

6870 Written Language Translators

Ministry of Education and Training (MoET)

Port Vila, Vanuatu
Job Hours:
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Job Description: 

The Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) seeks expressions of interest from suitably experienced persons to assist the Curriculum Development Unit translate written materials from English to French and/or Bislama.

Successful applicants will have their names added to a pool of translators who may be called on to provide translation support when required. 

Translators will work under the supervision of Curriculum Coordinators in the CDU responsible for specific learning areas.

Applicants should be good writers and speakers of either English and Bislama or English and French and preferably be competent users of Microsoft Word or compatible word processing software. 

Translators will be required to:   
  1. Translate a range of written material from English to either French or Bislama
  2. Deliver translated materials in Microsoft Word format
  3. Meet agreed timelines for delivery of written materials
Engagement of translators will be on as needs basis.  Where translators conduct their work will be negotiated with the Principal Education Officer of the Curriculum Development Unit.

Payment will be made at an agreed rate and paid on receipt of the finished product and an invoice.

Anyone with an interest in being added to the register of potential translators of written materials should apply now.  
    Applicants will be included on the register of translators based on the following criteria:
    • Ability to read and write in English, French or Bislama
    • Ability to translate written materials from either English or French to Bislama with a high degree of accuracy
    • Ability to translate from Bislama into English or French
    • Good writing skills and experience using Word for Windows or similar word processing software
    • Demonstrated ability to work to deadlines
    • A strong teaching or education background is highly desirable (essential?).


          Not Stated


          English, French, Bislama

          How To Apply:

          Expressions of interest should include a resume and a written letter of no more than two pages addressing the selection criteria.

          Applications should be written in two languages: either English and French OR English and Bislama.  Please note: no more than two pages per language addressing the selection criteria.

          Applications should be addressed to:
          Charley Robert
          Principal Education Officer for Curriculum
          PMB 9006
          Curriculum Development unit
          Port Vila

          Contact Person:

          Charlie Robert


          Not Stated
          PMB 9006, Curriculum Development Unit, Port Vila, Vanuatu


          Not Stated

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