19 June, 2014

4962 The Principal

Vanuatu Agriculture College


Other Business Services


Luganville, Santo, Vanuatu

Job Hours:

3 years

Due Date:


Job Description:

The Vanuatu Agriculture College(VAC) Council seeks to recruit an experienced and qualified person for the position of the Principal of Vanuatu Agriculture College (VAC), in Santo, SANMA Province, Vanuatu.

The primary responsibilities of the position are as follows:

- Provide leadership as Chief Executive Officer, and day-to-day administration of the VAC in accordance with the policies and directions set by the College Council.

- Ensure that the College Curriculum meets current commercial and agribusiness needs and that the College discharges its functionns effectively and efficiently.

- Implement the VAC Act No.51 of 2005 and its ammendments.

- Ensure that the staff is perorming satisfactorily.

- Ensure that VAC funds and resource are used in accordance with the VAC Act No.51 of 2005 and other legislations and standards governing the management of such resources.

- Seek financial and other support for the college.

- Corperate with donors and reputable training and research institution.

- Furnish the Minister with an Annual Report and develop and implement a Business Plan for the college.

- Conduct any other task as may be determined by the Council.

The contract will be for 3 years with a year of probationary period. Queries about this position should be referred to Mr.Norman Davis at the Vanuatu Agriculture on phone (+678) 36606 or email info@vac.edu.vu

The Principal must possess the following:


- Academic Background, Preferably at the post graduate level in Tropical Agriculture or Agribusiness or related fields. Persons with backgrounds in Economic or Administartion may also apply.

- Demonstrated experience in the administration of an agriculture and agribusiness and possess knowledge of agriculture training and research needs.

- Proven experience in the adminmistration of an agriculture or related institution with at least five(5) years at the executive level.

- Broad knowledge of the Vanuatu agriculture sector and the global economy and markets.

- Process knowlegde of Government policy in agriculture and related sectors, and be capable of establishing links between relevant Ministries and private sector. Experience in the public service will be an advantage.

-Experience in project formulation and management of Donor funded programs.

- Capacity for achieving outcomes in mananging an organization with effective communication, interpersonal skills, effective management of people, and have personal integrity and

- Ability to communicate fluently in English and or French and be able to produce reports.


Not Stated


English, French


How To Apply:

Applications should be clearly labeled 'Principal of VAC Vanuatu Agriculture College and directed to the addresses provided below.

Contact Name:

Mr.Norman Davis


(+678) 36606




Vanuatu Agriculture College, P O Box 218, Luganville, Santo, Vanuatu.
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