25 March, 2020

Valuer General

Office of the Valuer General of the Republic of Vanuatu
Port Vila

Due Date:

Full time

Organisation Description: 
The office of the Valuer General is a statutory body that operates under the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources. The office Vision is to be recognized around Vanuatu as providing leadership on Internationally accepted standards of Property Valuation and Land Lease dispute resolution practice. The Mission is to ensure the integrity of valuations, our Values are to value land in Vanuatu with integrity.
The office objectives are to exercise functions with respect to the valuation of land in Vanuatu, ensure valuation integrity is carried out in Vanuatu, exercise dispute resolutions with regards to land leases in Vanuatu and to ensure the effective operation of the office of the Valuer General to better achieve its Mission,Vision and Objectives through improved physical, human and financial resources and infrastructure.

Job Desctiption:
Duties and responsibilities
The Valuer-General has jurisdiction to determine the following matters:
(a) the amount of rent payable for a lease of land whether originally or on periodic reassessment;
(b) hear and determine disputes relating to the value of improvements on or to land;
(c) hear and determine any matter referred to the Valuer-General by any party to a lease of land relating to the interpretation of a provision in the lease;
(d) deal with any matter which is by any other Act or law directed to be determined by the Valuer-General.
(e) In exercising jurisdiction under section 5(a) and (b) of the Act, the Valuer-General is to act as an expert and not as an arbitrator. The Valuer-General must consider any valuation and reasons submitted to him or her by the parties to an application but is not in any way limited or fettered by that valuation and is to reach his or her decision in accordance with his or her own judgement.
(f) In exercising jurisdiction under section 5(c) and (d), the Valuer-General may act as arbitrator.
(g) Any and all other duties and responsibilities under the law including supervision and development of staff, office processes and procedures

Selection Criteria:
Academic Qualifications
(a) Degree in Land Valuation or related field;
(b) Postgraduate qualification will be an advantage

DIR 2.1

How to Apply
Apply by:
In person

Contact Person:
Mr. Joel Shemi. The Secretary, Judicial Service Commission.

Contact Phone:
((678) ) 26715

Email to send applications to:

Postal Address or location to apply in person:
Mr. Joel Shemi.
The Secretary, Judicial Services Commission
Office of the Registrar, Supreme Court of Vanuatu,
PMB 9041, Port Vila


How to apply - more information:
Submit your applications to Mr. Joel Shemi or send via his email.
 For further information on the above job please contact the employer directly.

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