11 July, 2019

Sales person

Santo Bakery
Luganville, Santo

Due Date
18 Jul 2019

Full time (6am-2pm daily)

Organisation Description
Santo Bakery hemi wan lokol bisnis we i gat wan smol hard woking tim blong ol dediketed mo honest wokman. Mifala i mekem mo salem fres bred evri dei wetem wan tingting blong givim wan gud sevis long ol kastoma blong mifala.

Job Description
Santo Bakery I stap lukaotem wan gudfala sale person we hemi wan honest mo hard working person mo hemi willing blong kontribut long sakses blong bisnis. Work ia bae hemi includim sevem ol kastoma, data entry, tekem stock mo kilnap.

Selection Criteria
- Mas gat basic computer skills e.g. Excel and Word
- Mas gat sam eksperiens olsem cashier
- Mas wan we hemi honest
- Mas wan we hemi save work hard

Not Stated

How to Apply
Apply by:
In person

Contact Person
Santo Bakery

Contact Phone Number
() 5322448

E-mail to send applications to

Postal Address or location to apply in person
Luganville, Santo

Website to Obtain Further Information
Not Stated

How to apply - more information
Taem yu apply plis inkludim ol work referens blong ol wok blong yu blong bifo

For further information on the above job please contact the employer directly.