02 August, 2017

7052 International Expert to draft the National Trade Policy Framework (TPF) 2017 - 2022

Ministry of Tourism, Trades, Commerce & Ni-Vanuatu Business

Government Department 
The assignment will be based in Port Vila, Vanuatu
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Request for Expression of Interest

Job Description:
REOI MTTCNVB CS1701 Recruitment of the Team leader to oversee the review and drafting of the National Trade Policy Framework (TPF) 2017-2022 

The Ministry of Tourism, Trade, Commerce and Ni-Vanuatu Business (MTTCNVB)
is seeking the services of an international expert (Team Leader) to oversee the review and drafting of the National Trade Policy Framework (TPF) 2017-2022. This policy will be used to guide Vanuatu’s trade policy through to 2022. 
The drafting will consist of three main work streams: 
  • the drafting of: the executive summary; Chapter 1 which is the introduction; Chapter 10 on Trade Mainstreaming and its pillars; and Chapter 15 which is a Trade Policy Road-map
  • the coordination and leadership of all of the other contracted consultants, who will draft remaining chapters, including commenting on and editing their work; and
  • Compiling the overall TPF 2017 to ensure it is a clear document which will help Vanuatu.
The MTTCNVB estimated that the project period is 110 working-days, which includes the delivery of all services and outputs outlined in 2.3-2.5 (refer to the Terms of Reference). This can be broken down into the following parts, although the working patterns are indicative and the consultant can adjust the number of working days assigned to each work stream if necessary:
  • Executive Summary: 10 days
  • Introduction: 5 days
  • Trade Mainstreaming and its pillars: 15 days
  • Trade Policy Road-map: 30 days
  • Consultants’ Coordination and Overall Editing: 50 days
The successful applicant will possess the following qualifications, experience and skills:
  • A minimum of a Master’s degree in Economics, business management or a relevant discipline - on trade and development with additional 7 years of relevant experience with trade policy development.
  • At least 10 years of experience with trade development either as a manager or advisor. Or alternatively, a demonstrably relevant experience leading to creating inclusive economic growth and job creation
  • Demonstrated Competency in government planning, with experience in policy designing and facilitation of corporate planning preferably related to trade development
  • At least 3 years in a developing country context, preferably in the Pacific Region; and
  • Experience interfacing with private and public sector at various levels.
Language skills
  • Proficiency in spoken and written English is essential. Good understanding of French and/or Bislama is an added advantage.


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English, Bislama, French an advantage

How To Apply:

There is no restriction on the nationality, citizenship or current residence of the candidate. Interested applicants should fill in the Request for Expression on Interest (REOI) – Documents will include all REOI requirements and response forms and copy of the full Terms of Reference (TOR). Please contact Mr James Tatangis via this email address, jtatangis@vanuatu.gov.vu if you want a copy of the REOI and TOR. 

Responses for EOI can be emailed to the Acting Secretary, Central Tenders Board, Mr Yannick Hughes on yhughes@vanuatu.gov.vu by latest Wednesday 16 August 2017 (11:00 local Port Vila time [GMT +11] and hard copy can be dropped or to be send by post to the Acting Secretary, Central Tenders Board, Ministry of Finance & Economic Management, SIPBuilding, PMB 9058, Port Vila in sealed envelope and be clearly marked “REOI Ref: MTTCNVB CS1701 Recruitment of the Team Leader to oversee the review and drafting of the Trade Policy Framework (TPF) 2017-2022”

For clarifications of the content of this Request for Expression of Interest, and any further information contact:

Principal Trade Development Officer, Mr. Willie Luen via email: wluen@vanuatu.gov.vu or the Senior Project Officer, Mr James Tatangis on this email address jtatangis@vanuatu.gov.vu  

Contact Person:

Mr Yannick Hughes


(+678) 25674
PMB 9056, Rue Montford, Port Vila, Vanuatu



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        02-August-17 Direct from Employer

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