19 September, 2014

5177 General Manager

Vanuatu Broadcasting Television and Corporation


Media and Advertising


Port Vila, Vanuatu.

Job Hours:

Three (3) year Contract

Due Date:


Job Description:

The Vanuatu Broadcasting and Television Corporation (VBTC) is looking for a dynamic individual with a professional career to fill in the position of GENERAL MANAGER.

This position is responsible for the oversight and development of VBTC. The position leads efforts to provide high quality and financially viable programming. The person is responsible for the overall operation of the Corporation and requires business knowledge leadership ability and technical understanding of how a station (both radio and TV) operates.

Duties & Responsibilities

1. Leads in the development of strategic plans for the Corporation; executes plans, implements policies and procedures to achieve organizational and departmental goals and objectives consistent with the mission of the station.

2. Ability to take measures to ensure the Corporation financial viability and growth.

3. Oversees the acquisition, implementation, maintenance and replacement of the Corporation’s infrastructure; researches, evaluates and recommends new technologies.

4. Cultivates relationships with non-traditional sponsors and businesses in the community that will lead to underwriting and sponsorship opportunities.

5. Achieve budgeted financial goals- grow the Corporation’s revenue base.

6. Manages operations for the Corporation including but not limited to budgeting, physical and financial assets management, and resources planning.

7. Protect the Corporation through strict adherence to laws and regulatios; Ensures compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements.

9. Manage and control sales revenue by developing strong relationships with the Corporation’s Sales department and clients; Manage the Physical human and financial assets of the Corporatin and perform other duties as assigned.

Reporting Relationship

Direct report to the VBTC Board of Directors, Government PRO and the Minister Responsible for Media.

Minimum Requirements:

Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism or Broadcasting and/or over six (6) years of experience combined in Sales & Marketing, Community Relations, Broadcasting and Finance.

*If you are confident you have the required experience and skills for the position, send in your CV and a cover letter including a separate attachment with arguments and examples of the criteria & Skills highlighted.*


- Management and Leadership Skills; Exceptional Communication, Organizational and administrative skills; Develop and lead the Strategic Plan of the Corporation

- Be able to develop and implement strategy for the development and management of the coorporation; Be able to effectively manage the Coorporation's budget, forcasting plans and it's vision; Knowledge and

understanding of commercial and public broadcasting and instructional technologies; Knowledge of technologies and production;

- Exceptional administrative, visionary and strategic skills; Provide consisten direction, training and development opportunities for staff members; Knowledge of new technologies; committment to diversity and

community outreach;

- Excellent listening skills,integrity, personality and administrative versatility required for successful leadership; Ability to motivate staff with key leadership skills and hands on approach; Knowledge of both English and

French is compulsory and an advantage.


Not Stated


English, French


How To Apply:

Please send your application details as described above to the Chairman of the VBTC Board of Directors on the following addresses provided by 5pm, 31st of October 2014.

Contact Name:





Chairman of the VBTC Board of Directors, VBTC, PMB 9049, Port Vila, Vanuatu
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