28 February, 2018

7483 Consultant

Department of Water Resources

Government Department
 Port Vila, Vanuatu
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Rainwater Harvesting Communications Products

Job Description:
Term: Consultant or Firm
Program Type: MFAT Water Sector Partnership
Duration: 60 Days
1. Background and Overview
The Department of Water Resources (DoWR) under the auspices of the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, was set up to ensure sustainable and equitable access to safe water and sanitation for the people of Vanuatu to support improved public health and promote social and economic development.
2. Purpose
In September 2017, all the residents of Ambae island (population: 11,600, children: 5,200) in Vanuatu were evacuated to neighboring islands when the Alert Level for Manaro Volcano was raised to 4 indicating imminent violent eruption. The volcano simmered down after a month and the government organized a phased repatriation of the residents back to the island.  Ambae island population are heavily dependent on rain water for drinking, washing and cooking and the volcano recent eruption has established itself and keeps spewing ash and ash fall on the island affecting the method of rain water harvesting on the island.  There is a need for communication materials to be created in Bislama to communicate key messages related to rainwater harvesting close to volcanoes.

3. Scope
The Consultant should conduct a literature search, read existing relevant documents, conduct stakeholder interviews and compile existing information.  The consultant will then develop a schedule for a trip to Ambae to understand community perceptions and work together with community members to adapt existing rainwater harvesting communication materials to the local concept.  The consultant should create drafts of possible rainwater communication materials and present these to DoWR.  The consultant should adapt the drafts based on conversations with DoWR. The consultant will then go to Ambae, and using a participatory style with a variety of stakeholder, adapt the initial designs to address the questions and needs of community members.   The consultant should be sure to listen to and actively involve not just community leaders, but women and marginalized populations.  After visiting Ambae, the consultant will present new versions of the proposed materials to DoWR and the WASH Cluster.  After final consultations with DoWR, the consultant will submit a final version.  Currently, it is thought the deliverables will include 2 stickers and one set of flyers as detailed below.  However, this may change slightly if the consultant and DoWR agree that slightly different messages and products are needed.   While the tools should be mostly pictorial, with few works, final versions should be delivered in Bislama, with an accompanying English translation.   A detailed list of the products desired include:
  • Stickers to be placed on Rainwater tanks.  These stickers should show how to clean rain water tanks and have an area for check marks for people to mark if the tank has been cleaned at specific times.
  • Stickers to be place on first flush systems.  These stickers should explain what a first flush system is, how they are to be opened, and when they are to be opened.
  • Flyers explaining the basics of rainwater harvesting purpose and maintenance.  Flyer should specifically address and resolve community volcano related rain water concerns.
4. Deliverables, Timing and Level of Effort
Key deliverables, percent of payment, and timing:
  • Compile existing Rainwater tools from MoH, DoWR, World Bank, Ministry of Climate, NGOs and other online sources.  Share these documents electronically with DoWR.  (10% payment, 15 days from assignment start)
  • Present Field Trip work plan and preliminary sketches to DoWR staff.  (10% payment, 15 days from assignment start)
  • Submit adapted sketches and workplan as per discussion with DoWR for field work (10% payment, 30 days from assignment start)
  • Draft Presentation reporting on field trip outlining results of focus group discussions, individual interviews and participatory surveys to understand community’s response to the designs.  Powerpoint presentation with photographs submitted to DoWR 1 week before presentation, for comments and edits before presentation.  Presentation to be made to DoWR, MoH and WASH Cluster working group. (10%, 45 days from assignment start)
  • Final drafts of agreed upon media submitted, taking into account comments from DoWR staff (60%, 60 days from assignment start).
          5. Qualifications
          The firm or individual selected must:
          • Experience with human centered design, community product testing or facilitating community discussions
          • Experience creating brochures and posters in Vanuatu
          • Ability to produce deliverables on time
          • Language fluency and excellent writing ability in English
          • Local Language and/or Bislama required.
          There is no restriction on the nationality, citizenship or current residence of the candidate, but permanent or temporary residents of Vanuatu are preferred. 


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          English, Bislama

          How To Apply:
          6. Application Details
          Interested individuals or firms should send a cover letter outlining related experience, CV, total rate and examples of similar material produced to:  Esther Sandrin Teitoka esteitoka@vanuatu.gov.vu.
          Contact Person:

          Esther Sandrin Teitoka


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