17 February, 2017

6789 National consultant to develop the National Livestock Act

Department of Livestock

Government Department
Port Vila, Vanuatu
Job Hours:
90 Working Days
Due Date

Job Description:
The Consultancy is open to Ni-Vanuatu Nationals only.

The Department of Livestock has implemented the country’s Livestock sector policy and the timing is ideal to begin work on developing the national livestock act. In order to support the DoL in this important initiative the department seeks to engage the services of a national expert to draft the National Livestock Act. The support to the drafting of the National Livestock act will be both logistical and technical in nature. In terms of logistics, the national expert will be responsible for facilitating meetings during consultations in Port Vila and other selected locations including the final validation workshop. In terms of technical support, the national expert will support in the preparation of all outputs outlined in the TOR and ensure that the recommendations are suitable for Vanuatu. 

To facilitate the drafting of the legislation, the Department of Livestock will engage the national consultant to carry out the following task:
  • The national consultant will organise consultation workshop with stakeholders and arrange the logistics of the consultancy
  • In a consultation workshop identify stakeholders in different stages of livestock value chain commencing on small holder farmers to commercial farmers
  • Identify the issues and challenges hindering these different stages of livestock farming
  • Identify the appropriate interventions to address these hindrances and challenge
  • Identify the stakeholders responsible for managing each point of intervention and state the appropriate tasks and roles to be undertaken by each responsible stakeholder and ensuring that the identified interventions are effectively addressed
  • Carry out further necessary consultations and field investigations to draft a situational analysis highlighting the key barriers to increase livestock business and production
  • Prepare a draft corporate plan for the implementation of the Act along with regular operations. 
The national consultant will work directly with the Department of Livestock to develop the National Livestock Act for a period of 90 working days. 

A consultant with the following qualifications shall be engage to undertake the assignment.
  • The Ni Vanuatu Consultant must possess a Law Degree from a recognised institution
  • Extensive experience in Legal services and Development of Bills and Legislation in Vanuatu
  • Advance academic and professional experience in planning and policy formulation at the national level
  • Some skills and knowledge in developing strategic documents
  • Over 5 years of experience in community based or government institutional processes
  • Familiar with the challenges in developing countries and small island states in adapting to climate change
  • Very good knowledge of the Vanuatu government system and preferably some of the physical/ geological, social and economic situation of Vanuatu. 


        Not Stated


        English, French, Bislama

        How To Apply:
        All applications must be accompanied by a CV, References and Copy of Qualifications in an envelope and should be addressed to:
        The Director
        Department of Livestock
        PMB 9095
        Port Vila

        Application must be received at the department of Livestock in Tagabe, Port Vila or email to lbong@vanuatu.gov.vu no later than 24 February 2017 by 4:30pm.

        Contact Person:

        Lonny Bong, Director


        (+678) 23519 | VOIP: 5077
        Department of Livestock, PMB 9095, Port Vila, Vanuatu

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                    17-February-17 Direct from Employer

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