20 July, 2016

6408 Database Programmer

Biosecurity Vanuatu

Government Department
Port Vila, Vanuatu
Job Hours:
Contract - The timeframe for this contract is for not more than 80 days (60 days for actual contract period plus two additional days per month for 10 months).
Due Date

Job Description:
As part to the tropical cyclone Pam recovery program, the Government of Vanuatu through the Department of Biosecurity Vanuatu wishes to upgrade its pest and disease database. The Department of Biosecurity Vanuatu wishes to recruit an expert on a short term contract to assist the Department to undertake this task. The activity is contracted for a period of 80 days; further information on the package can be obtained from Biosecurity Vanuatu. This contract is advertised for a suitable local Database Programmer to carry out activities under that said contract. Below is the Term of Reference for that Contract.

Terms of Reference for Database Programmer
The destruction caused by TC Pam to fruits and vegetables and the environment factors following the cyclone including change pest and diseases habitats. The drought associated with El Niño conditions have created food security risk in all six provinces with small islands being particularly impacted upon. In future, unless adequate preparations are made, cyclone, drought and pest and diseases incidence will again cause the same types of problems.
The Government is addressing the present and unfolding situation through the National Recovery and Economic Strengthening Program. The Government’s response will ideally ensure that people are provided sufficient support in terms of production of vegetable crops throughout the provinces and their livelihood improved in the immediate future and in the longer term.
Through the MALFFB, a consultant is being requested to assist in the setting up of a website and incorporating the Vanuatu Pest List database into the website. 

This position will work directly with the Department of Biosecurity.

Tasks & Responsibilities
  • Assist the Department of Biosecurity to the review current work and to develop a website
  • Undertake a desk review of the existing Vanuatu Pest List database
  • Liaise with SPC Vanuatu Pest List Database Officer to incorporate information into the database
  • Upload the Vanuatu Pest and Disease List database into the website 
  • Carry out relevant training to Biosecurity, Plant/Animal Health Officers on how to use the website
  • Conduct monthly follow up training for Biosecurity, Plant /Animal Health officers.  
Essential Qualification
  • An advanced degree in ICT or computer science
  • At least three years of experience in ICT or programming and three years of working experience in Vanuatu
  • Demonstrated ability to work with a multi-sector team and to interact with different stakeholders (communities, provincial offices, NGOs and private and public sector agencies)
  • Demonstrated experience in training in ICT and related fields
  • Ability to communicate effectively in English, Bislama and/or French.


        Not Stated


        English, Bislama, French

        How To Apply:
        The interested applicants must apply for the said contract to the following address or telephone (+678) 23 519. Applications can also be e-mailed through the following e-mail address: 
        The closing date of all applications is scheduled for Friday 12th August 2016

        Contact Person:

        Not Stated


        (+678) 23519
        Director, Biosecurity Vanuatu, PMB 9086, Port-Vila, Vanuatu

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        20-July-16 Direct from Employer

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