20 July, 2016

6405 Market Monitoring, Competition and Consumer Affairs Manager

Telecommunications & Radiocommunications Regulator

Port Vila, Vanuatu

Due Date:

Job Description:

TRR is seeking a Telecommunications Regulatory Market Monitoring, Competition and Consumer Affairs Manager to lead and coordinate our regulatory market monitoring, competition and consumer responsibilities in the Telecommunications sector.

The role includes:
  • Working effectively with the Regulator and Coordinate the Market Monitoring and Competition Unit to achieve or deliver on their projects on expected time-frame
  • Coordinate, provide support and assistance on ongoing projects and provide report to the TRR
  • Manage, administer and report on all Market Monitoring and Competition matters, to the Regulator
  • Lead, conduct analysis and report on access and inter-operator disputes and cases when and as required
  • Conduct analysis and report on any improvements that needs to be implemented
  • Coordinating Market Monitoring and Competition and support on Universal Access and Universal services Fund and Policy issues
  • Lead and maintain TRR’s strong and independent relationship with its stakeholders
  • Make sure all TRR policy guidelines are enforced and implemented
  • Work cooperatively with all team members
  • Lead coordination on TRR’s Market Monitoring and Competition projects as directed and assigned by the Regulator
  • Ensure TRR’s integrity, security of TRR’s core Market Monitoring and Competition systems and operations are always maintained
  • Review Market Monitoring and Competition policies on its effectiveness and report to the TRR
  • Effectively manage the Market Monitoring and Competition members on assigned project initiatives
  • Proactively support preparation and finalization of TRR Reports, such as TRR’s Annual Reports, Sector reports, UAP Reports, World Bank Reports
  • Understand, coordinate, conduct analysis and report on Vanuatu’s ICT/Telecommunications statistics, working closely with the Technical team
  • Lead, coordinate, promote and manage the implementation of the Consumer Awareness Protection Plan
  • Lead, coordinate and monitor the effectiveness of the Consumer Protection Regulation
  • Work effectively with the Regulator to monitor the internet Market and other Internet Regulatory issues
  • Developing appropriate policies for the management and administration of .vu country code top level domain (.vu ccTLD) and registration of domain names, as set out in Section 7 (4) (e) of the Act
  • Providing high-level guide on consumer awareness and protection, and internet governance, analysis, advice and guidance to TRR and industry
  • Advising on and developing appropriate policies, regulations, guidelines, processes & procedures for consumer and other issues concerning internet provision and use within Vanuatu
  • Project managing appropriate and assigned TRR internet governance, regulatory role on child online protection, other Internet related activities and consumer related projects in support of TRR’s objectives, the Government policies (National ICT, Cyber-security and Universal Access), consumers, licensees and other appropriate stakeholders
  • Representing TRR and interfacing with appropriate intergovernmental organizations, international bodies and other institutions on internet, internet governance and consumer matters as required and deemed necessary. 
In particular, the Market Monitoring, Competition and Consumer Affairs Manager will provide support in the coordination of the market monitoring and competition, economic matters and consumer affairs that will lead to promote national and social economic development. 

Required Experience and Qualifications 
The applicant should have the following combination of qualification and experience:
  • The applicant must have a degree and preferably a post degree in Economics or Accounting or related subject
  • The applicant must have at least 3 years’ experience in the management preferably in the telecommunications sector fluent in English, Bislama, and French will be an advantage
  • Proven background and experience in market competition, economic matters and analysis of these markets
  • A sound understanding of ICT/Telecommunications technologies, related consumer issues, internet governance and particularly, how they relate to and are used by consumers in Vanuatu
  • Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of internet and its services, market competition and economic issues and telecommunications and ICT issues, including universal access and universal service provision in the Pacific and ideally Vanuatu
  • Sound project coordination and management skills
  • Strong demonstrative knowledge and skills on market competition enforcement and compliance
  • Experience in commercial roles and understand the marketing advertisements publications
  • Excellent, high-level written and oral communication skills in English. French and Bislama is highly desirable
  • High-level computing competence in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project.
Required Character attributes
  • Demonstrated management and leadership ability, ethical judgment, advanced communication skills, advanced economic skills and analysis, highly motivated, flexible, have respect for the organization and other team members, team player, problem solving skills, self-confident, responsive, deliver on time and at a high level, and an ability to work under pressure. Management and leadership skills highly desirable. 


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English, French, Bislama

How To Apply:

Your application must be marked “Confidential” and addressed to the below (The TRR, PO Box 3547, PORT VILA) address and/or email to jobs@trr.vu by 4.00pm, 5th August 2016.
For further enquiries please contact the office on 27621 or email us at enquiries@trr.vu.

Contact Person:

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 (+678) 27621 



Telecommunications and Radiocommunications Regulator, PO Box 3547, Port Vila, Vanuatu

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        20-July-16 Direct from Employer 

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