08 July, 2024

Senior Compliance Analyst

Corporate Services Unit, Ministry of Finance & Economic Management


Port Vila


Due Date: 






Organisation Description: 

The Central Tenders Board is within the Corporate Services Unit (CSU) in the Ministry of Finance & Economic Management (MFEM)


Job Desctiption:

To detect compliance audits and inspection based on procurement laws, policies and procedures as well as established agency procurement benchmarks


Selection Criteria:

Qualification: Bachelor degree
Special business education: Accounting
Experience: Minimum of 5years experience in auditing, performing procurement contract, compliance or quality assurance activities.
Special Skills: Developed organizational and analytical skills, auditing skills, excellent presentation, thorough understanding of public sector procurement practice and processes.
Leadership competencies: Visionary, motivational, focus team building, able to provide coaching, proactive, able to build professional networks, leads with direction.
Thinking style: Analytical and practical, creative, critical
Communication/ Interpersonal skills: Strong written & verbal communication skills.
Behavioral competencies: Honest, reliable, trustworthy, ethical, commitment, customer oriented and of good character.
Language: English or French and Bislama



PS 6.1 VT 1,906,500 per annum


How to Apply

Apply by:

In person


Contact Person:

Julie Andrews Garoleo- HRM CSU MFEM


Contact Phone:

(678) 23032


Email to send applications to:



Postal Address or location to apply in person:

Corporate Services Unit
Ministry of Finance & Economic Management
Melitco House
Private Mail Bag 9058
Port Vila




How to apply - more information:

PSC form 3-2, Curriculum vitae, academic transcripts, references

 For further information on the above job please contact the employer directly.


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