29 April, 2020

Business Manager, Taloa/Nasi Tuan Enterprises

Nasi Tuan

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Organisation Description: 
Background: The Nasi Tuan Association (NTA) was founded on Tanna Island, Vanuatu, in 2009, and registered as a charitable society in July 2010. It has worked with, supported and established farmer cooperatives growing coffee, peanuts, vegetables and spices. As part of its long-term sustainability strategy, NTA established Taloa/ Nasi Tuan Enterprises (NTE). Working with NTA and the farmers, its goal is to increase the quality of life and self-sufficiency of smallholder farmers in Tanna, Vanuatu, through supporting and enhancing the farming and business skills of farmers, and through promoting the growth and sales of organic produce, the diversification and enhanced resilience of agricultural enterprise, and the support of the collective bargaining power and economies of scale of associated farmers and farming cooperatives.

Job Desctiption:
Business Manager Position: Located on Tanna, the business manager will be responsible for overseeing the financial and physical performance of Taloa, Nasi Tuan Enterprise (NTE) arm. The position requires well-developed people management, technical, and business skills. The business manager will be responsible for growing the organisation by implementing short- and long- term business plans, developing new connections and opportunities, and working collaboratively with staff, farmers, partners and donors to optimize performance and profitability in line with the existing business strategy, policies, mission, and direction.
Responsibilities include:
- Overseeing day to day operation of NTE
- Supervision of staff, including coffee supervisor, processing officers, and field officers
- Liaison communication with NT, donors, government, private sector, and farmers
- Overseeing and ensuring accurate NTE recordkeeping and reporting
- Collaboratively developing and implementing the NTE short- and long term business plans

Selection Criteria:
- Degree or Diploma in Agriculture/Rural Agriculture
- Degree or Diploma in Business Management or Agribusiness Management
- Proven ability/experience in the agribusiness management;
- Demonstrated planning and organisational skills to achieve targets and carry policies
- Proven ability to act collaboratively and with cultural sensitivity, tact and diplomacy in motivating and disciplining management and general staff while complying with all local, national, and regional laws and donor requirements
- Self-motivated and able to communicate effectively at all levels inside and outside the organisation
- Record of innovation and effective project management
- Open to new learning and development


How to Apply
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Jeffrey Lahva

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How to apply - more information:
Interested applications must submit a complete application, including: - A current CV - Documentation of relevant education completed - A statement, detailing how they meet the essential qualifications and competencies. Complete applications to be sent to jeffrey@nasituan.org and hcdint@gmail.com by May 14, 2020.
 For further information on the above job please contact the employer directly.

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