13 February, 2020


Vanuatu Internet Governance Forum
Port Vila, Vanuatu

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Organisation Description: 
The Vanuatu Internet Governance Forum (Vanuatu IGF | VanIGF) is an initiative of the people
of Vanuatu, supported by the Government of the Republic of Vanuatu and the office of the
Telecommunications Radiocommunications and Broadcasting Regulator (TRBR). Vanuatu IGF
serves as a platform for dialog, discussion, and collaboration in addressing internet
governance matters in Vanuatu.

Job Desctiption:
As a recognized National IGF initiative and in line with the UN IGF requirements we must establish a Vanuatu IGF
Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG). MAG members will serve in their personal capacity for a period of 2 year, and are expected to have established networks within their stakeholder communities.

Composition of the Multi-stakeholder Advisory Group
The Government of the Republic of Vanuatu with its Stakeholders must have a MAG representative. It is an ideal multi-stakeholder approach to ensure the Vanuatu IGF MAG
incorporates representatives from Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Standards and Regulatory
Bodies, Private Sector (ICT, Finance, health, etc.), Non-Government Organizations, Academia,
Law enforcement and the government of Vanuatu. Such diverse approach would strongly
characterise as an effective Internet Governance Forum MAG to adequately serve and provide
efficient advisory roles to the Vanuatu IGF.

Scope of Work
The primary purpose of the MAG is to work alongside the Vanuatu IGF Secretariat as an
advisory or expert group to advice and support Vanuatu IGF on the programme and schedule
of the Vanuatu IGF annual meeting. Concerted efforts should be made by the MAG to improve
the Vanuatu IGF process through community consultations, outreach and stakeholder
engagement. The MAG is expected to carry out the following tasks:
1) Work with the Vanuatu IGF Secretariat and develop the detailed programme and schedule
of the annual Vanuatu IGF meetings, including the identification of themes, sub-themes
and issues taking into account inputs of all relevant stakeholders;
2) Determine how best to plan and organize the annual Vanuatu IGF meeting;
3) Organize main sessions and where necessary participate in dedicated thematic working
4) Select workshops and facilitate the organization of workshops;
5) Coordinate panels and provide support and guidance to panellists, moderators and
speakers at the Vanuatu IGF meeting;
6) Work with the VanIGF secretariat to develop annual workplan;
7) Promote the work of Vanuatu IGF in their network.

Individual Member Responsibilities:
As a member of the Vanuatu IGF MAG you are expected to engage actively in all monthly
meetings of MAG throughout the year, in both physical meetings and virtual meetings.
Specifically, each Vanuatu IGF MAG member is expected to carry out the following tasks
throughout the year:
1) Attend up to 2 MAG physical meetings per year; if physical presence at the meetings is
not possible, every effort should be made to participate online;
2) Participate actively in the approved Vanuatu IGF annual events;
3) Engage in outreach communication to the wider community and bring other networks
related to Internet governance into the Vanuatu IGF MAG discussions and planning;
4) Explore and assist with new fundraising opportunities, assist with sourcing financial
contributions to the Vanuatu IGF operations to ensure Vanuatu IGF is financially
5) Identify emerging Internet governance issues and other areas in need of discussion,
research or make recommendation.

This is a voluntary role and no remuneration is paid, however, a reference letter will be
provided upon request.

Selection Criteria:
Selection Criteria:
 Some ICT background & experience;
 Knowledge of ICT and Telecommunication sector and its role in sustainable
 Excellent verbal and written communication skills and demonstrated experience
working with multi-stakeholders including senior government officials, donors,
journalists, and others;
 Demonstrated ability to take initiative and work independently with limited
 Currently working in the telecommunications (ISP), private sector ICT and government
ICT department would be a bonus; and
 Fluency in either English, French or Bislama is required;


How to Apply
Apply by:

Contact Person:
Jackson Miake

Contact Phone:
() 25568

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Postal Address or location to apply in person:


How to apply - more information:

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