03 October, 2019

Head Chef

Turtle Bay Lodge


Turtle Bay, Espiritu Santo


Due Date: 




Full Time, Contract


Organisation Description: 

Full Service Resort
Accomodation, Restaurant, Bar, Tours, Events etc...


Job Desctiption:

The Head Chef is responsible for the day-to-day smooth Operation of the kitchen and to ensure that all quality, cost, and safety standards are adhered to.  Assisting in planning the daily and seasonal menus, managing staff and planning production.  To manage costs associated with the menus.


Selection Criteria:

Eight years experience necessary. Must have held an Executive Sous Chef's position at a comparable property.  Formal culinary training preferred.  Must have developed language skills to the point to be able to read and understand instructions, safety rules, etc…

To do this kind of work, you must be able to:

• Think logically to make decisions
• Interpret information in mathematical, written and diagramatic form, such as statistical reports, profit and loss statements and credit regulations.
• Understand the effects that political and economic trends will have on the organisation's plans.
• Continually make decisions based on experience and personal feelings as well as on facts and figures.
• Speak to large groups, such as chamber of commerce, etc.
• Deal with all type of people ranging from civic leaders to employees and from legislators to the general public.  Speak and write clearly and with authority.
• Familiar with operating inventory control procedures, cleaning and chemical supplies.
• Ability to lift a minimum of 20kgs or carrying objects of 10 kgs.  Requires walking or standing to a significant degree.  Reaching. Handling. Feeling. Talking. Hearing. Seeing.
• Extremes of heat plus temperature changes:-temperature sufficiently high to cause marked bodily discomfort unless the worker is provided with exceptional protection.  Temperature changes:-variations in temperature which are sufficiently marked and abrupt to cause noticeable bodily reactions.
• Requires mathematical development sufficient to be able to:-compute discount, interest, profit and loss, commission, mark-ups and selling price, ratio and proportion, and percentages.  Calculate surface, volumes, weights and measures.  Must have developed language skills to the point to be able to:-read and understand safety instructions, safety rules, etc., write reports with proper format, punctuation, spelling and grammar, using all parts of speech.  Speak with poise, voice control and confidence using correct English and well modulated voice.




How to Apply

Apply by:

In person
Via website


Contact Person:

General Manager


Contact Phone:

(678) 37988


Email to send applications to:



Postal Address or location to apply in person:





How to apply - more information:

 For further information on the above job please contact the employer directly.


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