02 October, 2018

Financial Audit For Pacific Aviation Safety Office (PASO)

Pacific Aviation Safety Office (PASO)
Port Vila

Due Date
19 Oct 2018


Organisation Description
The Pacific Aviation Safety Office (PASO) as a concept was established on 7th August 2004 by the formation of the Pacific Islands Civil Aviation Safety and Security Treaty (PICASST).  PASO as an organisation was created in 2008. 

PASO's Office is established in Vanuatu with the support of the Government of Vanuatu through a Hosting Agreement.  Under the agreement, the Vanuatu government provides office facilities, an operating budget, and a national staff to coordinate the work of PASO and provide administrative support.

PASO currently provides advisory, inspection, and oversight services covering the areas of: (i) aerodrome assessment; (ii) security; (iii) aircraft airworthiness; (iv) flight operations; and, (v) personnel licensing. However, its existing subscription and fee-for-service business model has not proven to be sustainable since: (i) countries have not purchased the necessary safety oversight services; (ii) there is a real, or perceived, lack of qualified technical specialists in PASO to perform the technical services, affecting demand; (iii) some countries are in arrears on member subscription fees; and, (iv) salaries and cost structures for PASO do not correctly reflect the demand for services.

Job Description
The main objective of this assignment is to undertake an annual financial audit on PASO's operation for the next three (3) financial years:
* January to December 2018
* January to December 2019
* January to December 2020
Selection Criteria
The following criteria should be considered for evaluation:
* The firm should demonstrate good track record of undertaking audits;
* Comply with all appropriate independence and professional procedures as specific under International Standards of Auditing (ISAs)
* Clarity of proposed work plan and meeting expected timeline for completing the service;
* Experience and qualification of proposed key persons within the audit team;
* Reasonable audit fee and hours proposed to complete the audit; and
* Whether the firm has professional indemnity insurance in place and a statement of independence and how this will be managed during the audit.
Not required - The Contract Amount - "Audit Fee" will be fixed through a competitive bidding process

How to Apply
Apply by:
Via website

Contact Person
Ms Utuone Vena

Contact Phone Number
((678)) 77 222 03

E-mail to send applications to

Postal Address or location to apply in person
Mr Andrew Valentine
General Manager
Pacific Aviation Safety Office
Port Vila
Republic of Vanuatu

GM@paso.aero or csm@paso.aero

Website to Obtain Further Information

How to apply - more information

Applications should be clearly marked: "Expression of Interest for Financial Audit of PASO" and further information can be obtained by contacting the Corporate Service Manager, at csm@paso.aero or on (678) 28500

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