19 May, 2014

4882 Internet Governance (Legal/ICT) Officer (Re-advertised)

Telecommunication & Radiocommunication Regulator




Port Vila, Vanuatu.

Job Hours:

Full Time

Due Date:


Job Description:

TRR is seeking an Internet Governance (IG) Legal/ICT Officer to support its Technical & Internet Governance Unit. The IG Officer will play a key and important role in leading, supporting and coordinating our internet governance related responsibilities in the Telecommunication/ICT sector, nationally and internationally.

Key responsibilities of the IG Officer include but are not limited:

• Developing appropriate policies (where appropriate, in conjunction with the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer) for the management and administration of.vu country code top level domain (.vu ccTLD) and registration of domain names, as set out in Section 7 (4) (e) of the Act;

• Providing high-level internet governance analysis, advice and guidance to TRR and industry;

• Monitoring and resolving .vu domain namespace issues, and considering appropriate implementation of the global new generic top level (gTLD) domains development;

• Advising on and developing appropriate policies, regulations, guidelines, processes & procedures for issues concerning internet provision and use within Vanuatu, including, but not limited to:

Issues related to key elements of Internet governance in order to foster the sustainability, robustness, security, stability and development of the Internet in Vanuatu;

- Developing advice representing a Vanuatu position to international forums;- Issues related to management of critical Internet resources and infrastructure, including administration of the domain name system and Internet protocol addresses IP addresses, administration of the root server system, technical standards, peering and interconnection, telecommunications infrastructure,

including innovative and convergent technologies;- Privacy and security, and other cybersecurity issues relating to the use of the Internet including spam, child online protection, and cybercrime;- Issues which are relevant to the Internet but have a wider than the internet impact including for which existing organizations are responsible, such as intellectual property rights (IPRs) or

copyrights;- Developing local Internet expertise and resources, and other IG capacity building in Vanuatu, on internet governance issues and/or matters. , in particular continued development.

• Project manage all TRR Internet Governance related projects and other Internet related activities in support of the Government policies (National ICT, Cybersecurity and Universal Access), consumers, licensees and other appropriate stakeholders;

• Represent TRR, and interface with appropriate intergovernmental organizations, international bodies and other institutions on Internet and/or IG governance matters under their purview, as required and deemed necessary.

• Consulting with stakeholders Government of Vanuatu (GOV), consumers, civil society and relevant stakeholders) on IG related issues, facilitate the exchange of information and best practices, proposing ways and means to accelerate the availability and affordability of the Internet, and make appropriate recommendations for Vanuatu.The IG Officer must have a graduate degree in

Law and/or a Telecommunication or ICT management related subject. A graduate with a legal background with particular interest in telecommunications and ICT is encouraged to apply. An equivalent combination of education and relevant work experience, particularly on internet governance matters may also be considered.


Applicant must possess at least the following:


• A degree in Law and/or a telecommunications/ICT field.

• Preferably, legal experiences especially in drafting of instruments and a sound knowledge of telecommunications/ICT.

• At least 3 years or more relevant Legal and/or Telecommunications and ICT experience; or an equivalent combination of education and experience. However, high performing new graduates in

Law/Telecom/ICT/Information Systems are encouraged to apply and may be considered.

• Fluency in English and Bislama, French will be an advantage

• A sound and comprehensive understanding of Law/ICT/Telecommunications and internet governance and how they are used by or relate to Operators, or Service Providers and consumers in Vanuatu and the Pacific

would ideal.

• Demonstrable understanding of the internet and its services, internet governance, and internet related activities

• Sound knowledge and understanding of Project Management and Project Coordination;

• High level of computing competence in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project.


Competitive Package


Bislama, English, French


How To Apply:

Email, Post your applications to the addresses provided below.

Contact Name:

Dalsie Baniala


(+678) 27621




P O Box 3547, Port Vila, Vanuatu.
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