13 December, 2011

2721 Farm Manager

Vanuatu Agriculture College


Education / Training


Luganville,Santo, Vanuatu

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Job Description:


The Government through the Vanuatu Agriculture College Council wishes to recruit an experienced and qualified person to the position of Farm Manager for the Vanuatu Agriculture College. The contract will be for 3 years with a 1 year probationary period. Queries about this position should be referred to our Financial and Administration Manager on

the email or the contact number mentioned below. The contract for this position will be for 3 years with a 6 months probationary period. Duties and responsibilities:

1) Draft a farm plan for the operation of the college farm

2) Provide leadership and day to day operations of the farm, ensuring that it operates in accordance with the college farm plan approved by the council

3) Assist the principal in the continuous monitoring of the college curriculum and ensuring that farm operations tailored toward commercial agriculture

4) Ensure that the farm has adequate and appropriate logistics in providing hands on training and facilitate technical support for students in doing field practicals

5) Ensure that the general staff of the farm performs satisfactorily and ensure that farm resources including funds and equipments are used for intended purposes

6) Provide hands on training for students in all aspects of farm operations, including use of machineries and quality standards compatible with export requirements.

Interested applicant must have the following requirements:


- Demonstrated background in agriculture and commercial farm management with at least 5 years as a farm manager; Sound understanding of agribusiness and experience in export production of a

variety of Vanuatu crops and livestock; Experience in working according to a plan, and imparting farming skills to students; Knowledge of agriculture research and training needs of commercial

- Ability to operate crop and livestock farm enterprises including the construction and maintenance of farm infrastructure; Ability to work with foreign experts and possess effective communication

fluently in english and or french; Able to produce reports proposals for consideration by the council; Be phisically fit, have skills to operate tractors, associated implements and other equipment,

including ability to attend to minor breakdowns and maintenance; Willingness to travel to other locations to monitor and assist students during practical exercises

- Must have at least an undergraduate degree in agriculture, agricultural sciences or related science discipline; Undergraduate diploma desirable; Have some demonstrated operational and strategic

management training.


The Salary will be commensurate with experience, competence and qualifications.


English, French


How To Apply:

Applications should directed to the address below.

Contact Name:

Mr. Peter Napwatt, CEO


(+678) 36606




Vanuatu Agriculture College, PO Box 218, Luganville, Santo, Vanuatu.


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