08 July, 2010

1163 Waste Management Adviser

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sanma, Vanuatu

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Full Time

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VSA is seeking applicants experienced in waste management to assist the authorities in Sanma to prevent the adverse effects of waste on the environment and economy of the province. Vanuatu is one of the recipients of the japan-assisted regional waste management strategy. The japan international cooperation agency has funded the development of a sanitary

landfill at boufa for the port vila municipal government. A pacific regional solid waste management strategy 2010 to 2015, developed by the secretariat of the pacific regional environment programme, serves as the umbrella document in developing waste management policies and action programmes, both at the national and regional levels. Like nearly all other

towns in the island states of the pacific, Luganville is experiencing rapid population growth, as people from rural areas migrate to the town. Consequently the amount of waste produced is increasing in accordance with the increase in population. Accommodation and insurance are provided. Travel arrangements are organised and funded by VSA.

Interested applicant must have the following requirements:


- Assist in the development of an integrated solid waste management plan for Sanma Province; Work with provincial organisations to encourage locals to support and participate in waste management

activities; Assist local staff within Sanma and luganville councils so they are actively involved in the promotion and management of solid waste management systems.


volunteers receive a living allowance and initial resettlement grants.


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Application form will open on the advertiser's website mentioned below.

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