23 January, 2024

Heavy Lift Crane Operator

Ocean Logistics Ltd




Due Date: 




Full time


Organisation Description: 

Ocean Logistics Limited delivers a comprehensive range of services to Vanuatu and the South Pacific. Our services include freight handling and transportation, marine construction, emergency response, marine salvage, project support, and equipment hire as well as tugs, landing craft, and barges for all of your needs.


Job Desctiption:

You will be responsible for safely and efficiently operating cranes on marine vessels or offshore platforms. This role involves handling various types of cargo, equipment, and materials, and ensuring that lifting operations are performed in compliance with safety regulations and industry standards.


Selection Criteria:

   Crane Operation:
      - Able to operate and control cranes to lift, move, and position heavy loads on marine vessels or offshore installations.
       - Execute lifting plans and follow signals from the signalman or communication systems to ensure safe and precise load handling.
       - Monitor equipment operation and make necessary adjustments to ensure the safety and efficiency of lifting operations.

   Safety Compliance:
       - Adhere to all safety regulations, guidelines, and company policies to ensure a safe working environment.
       - Conduct pre-operational checks on cranes and lifting equipment to identify and address any issues before use.
       - Participate in safety meetings, drills, and training sessions to enhance safety awareness and skills.

   Maintenance and Inspection:
       - Perform routine maintenance and inspections on cranes to ensure proper functionality.
       - Report any malfunctions, defects, or maintenance needs promptly to the relevant personnel.
       - Keep accurate records of equipment maintenance and inspections.

       - Maintain clear and effective communication with the crane crew, signalman, and other team members during lifting operations.
       - Follow instructions from supervisors and participate in pre-lift meetings to discuss lifting plans and safety procedures.

       - Complete necessary paperwork and documentation related to lifting operations, including lift plans, logbooks, and incident reports.
       - Ensure compliance with documentation requirements set by regulatory bodies and company policies.

Qualifications and Requirements:

   - High school diploma or equivalent.
   - Certification as a Crane Operator, preferably with a focus on marine or offshore operations.
   - Relevant experience in operating cranes in a marine or offshore environment.
   - Knowledge of safety regulations, rigging practices, and crane operation standards.
   - Strong communication and teamwork skills.




How to Apply

Apply by:

In person


Contact Person:

Freddy Takaro


Contact Phone:

() 22454


Email to send applications to:



Postal Address or location to apply in person:

5 Wharf Road, International Building
Next to War Horse Saloon, Opposite DHL Number 3.




How to apply - more information:

 For further information on the above job please contact the employer directly.


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