25 November, 2022

Operations Manager

Forney Enterprises




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Organisation Description: 

Forney Enterprise is family owned and operated kava processing plant located in Espiritu Santo.  
Established in 2005, Forney exports high-quality, noble kava powders to a broad global market.


Job Desctiption:

The Operations Manager will be responsible for the supervision and management of staff, facilitating interdepartmental communication and allocating tasks and resources as needed to run daily production efficiently and effectively. This management responsibility will also extend to managing/overseeing the maintenance of the buildings, grounds, equipment, and facilities, adhering to HACCP regulations.


Selection Criteria:

- 10+ years in a role of Senior Management; preferably within a manufacturing, production or engineering facility
- Previous Experience as a Production Engineer
- Certification in Project Management and/or Supervisory Management advantageous
- Able to demonstrate comprehensive skills in the following areas through previous work experience:
 a) Technical proficiency
 b)  Data processing
 c)  Product development
 d)  Risk analysis
 e)  Budget management
 f)  Staff management
 g)  Decision-making skills
 h)  Problem-solving skills
 i)   Communication skills
 j). Organizational skills
 k) Time management
 l).  Adaptability





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Courtney Fordham


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How to apply - more information:

 For further information on the above job please contact the employer directly.


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