16 December, 2021

Research and Development Manager/Mechanical Engineer

Forney Enterprise




Due Date: 




Full Time


Organisation Description: 

Global Exporters of Kava Products


Job Desctiption:

Forney Enterprises is seeking a Research and Development Manager/Mechanical Engineer


Selection Criteria:

The applicant must have the following qualifications and/or experience:

1) Sound knowledge in process planning, engineering development and maintenance
2) Strong management skills and experience/qualifications
3) Experience in quality control programs
4) Exceptional Problem-solving skills
7) Experience in Product Development
8) Experience in mechanical engineering role/qualifications
9) Experience in Project Management

Seeking the following Character/ Personal Traits:

1) Excellent interpersonal skills
2) Works effectively in a team environment
3) Reliable
4) Punctual
5) Honest




How to Apply

Apply by:



Contact Person:

Courtney Fordham


Contact Phone:


Email to send applications to:



Postal Address or location to apply in person:




How to apply - more information:

Please upload alongside your CV a copy of any certification relevant to the listed qualifications  

 For further information on the above job please contact the employer directly.


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