12 August, 2016

6459 Handicrafts Business Development Technical Advisor

Vanuatu Strategic Tourism Action Plan (VSTAP)

Government Department
Port Vila, Vanuatu
Job Hours:
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Job Description:
The Department of Industry (DoI), in conjunction with the Department of Tourism (DoT), through VSTAP, is seeking a specialist consultant to fulfil the role of a Handicrafts Business Development Technical Advisor. The main output will be to work with the DoI Handicrafts Industry Officer to produce a Handicrafts Industry Action Plan that will direct and guide Government, donor groups and relevant stakeholders to develop and promote a sustainable handicrafts industry. The main tasks to achieve this will include the following:
  • Assist and support the ongoing capacity building of key Department of Industry Officers to complete a detailed handicrafts sector mapping exercise to identify and consult with all the relevant handicraft organisations and stakeholders
  • To coordinate all current and up-coming donors projects in this sector
  • Develop a detailed ‘Made in Vanuatu’ Terms of Reference to define and categorise products
  • Assist in developing the handicraft supply chain from local provincial producers to retailers
  • Provide business planning support to Trade Facilitation Associations and Businesses
  • Establish the ‘Made in Vanuatu’ concept retail store
  • Organise a ‘Made In Vanuatu’ tourist communication campaign
  • Monitor and Evaluate Program Sustainability. 
Consultants will need to demonstrate that they have the following business development experience and handicraft industry knowledge, skills and experience: 
  • Recognized relevant experience in the Vanuatu Handicraft sector, retail activity and/or business development activity
  • More than 5 years proven experience as a Project Coordinator/Manager, especially in a Government/donors project context
  • An excellent understanding of the Vanuatu context and handicraft/ industry sector
  • A practical and supportive approach to solving problems and experience with high level mentoring skills that is/will be appropriate to Vanuatu and its Melanesian culture
  • Must have the appropriate business licence or work permit to be contracted locally
  • Excellent communication skills, in both written and oral English
  • Practical experience working with a wide range of industry stakeholders in the private and public sectors, civil society and community groups
  • Must be based in Port Vila. 


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        How To Apply:
        A Terms of Reference can be requested by emailing lkapp@vanuatu.gov.vu or phone 33405.

        Expressions of Interest should also be emailed to lkapp@vanuatu.gov.vu or delivered to the VSTAP Office, Ministry of Trade and Tourism, by close of business on Friday August 26th. 

        Contact Person:

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        (+678) 33405
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                     12-August-16 Direct from Employer

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