29 April, 2016

6242 Mobile Voice, Message and Internet Coverage Measurement Expert

Telecommunications & Radiocommunications Regulator

Port Vila, Vanuatu
Due Date:

Job Description:

The Government of Vanuatu has received  financing from the World Bank toward the cost of the Telecommunications/ICT  Technical  Assistance  Program,  and  intends  to  apply  part  of  the
proceeds for consultant services; in this case the services of a  Mobile Voice, Messaging  and
Internet Coverage Measurement Expert.As Vanuatu develops its competitive and increasingly dynamic telecommunications and ICT sector  with  multiple  operators  both  mobile  and  internet,  the  Office  of  the
Telecommunications and Radio communications Regulator (TRR) or Regulator
(also “Client”) requires support and assistance on a range of regulatory and technical matters. Central to this
is the desire to create modern and competitive Information and Communications systems
and encourage a fair and free liberal ICT environment. Continuing good policy advice, sound
regulations where required and cost effective projects are key to this success.
Vanuatu is a developing nation and in need of in-depth expertise in telecommunications and
ICT regulatory issues. More specifically, is the  need for expert knowledge and skill  including
skills  transfer  on  the  conduct  of  Mobile  Voice  Messaging  and  Internet  Coverage
Measurement.Expressions  of  interest  are  sought  from  Qualified  Firms  (“Consultant”)  with  expertise  in
conducting Mobile  Voice Messaging and Internet  Coverage  Measurement, preferably in the
Asia-Pacific region; to support the TRR in performing these related duties and its powers and
functions  under  the  Act,  and  in  accordance  with  the  Universal  Access  Policy  (UAP).  The
consultant will provide expert high-level support, capacity building and knowledge transfer,
guidance and must possess  relevant and considerable wide ranging demonstrable experience
to carry out all aspects of the work required by TRR.Training & knowledge transfer in the form of on-site discussions and coaching is required and appropriately scheduled with the Consultant

The objective of this Assignment includes:
  • Undertake predictive mobile voice, messaging and internet coverage modelling utilizing
    available carrier data for the landmass of Vanuatu
  • Provide  predictive  coverage  maps  for  each  individual  carrier  as  well  as  a  consolidated
    predictive coverage model for the landmass of Vanuatu
  • Determine the current served and remaining unversed and undeserved areas of Vanuatu
    based on these models in consultation with TRR staff
  • Determine  the  current  percentage  population  covered  by  the  carriers  based  on  the
    predictive modelling
  • Perform  drive  coverage  tests  in  the  key  locations  of  Vanuatu  to  confirm  predictive
    modelling of mobile voice, messaging and internet coverage
  • Perform  in  building  coverage  tests  in  key  locations  of  Vanuatu  to  confirm  predictive
    modelling of mobile coverage
  • Conduct  and  assist  in  building  in-house  capacity,  and  in  the  acquiring  of  appropriate
    measurement tools, as necessary, to enable the Client in carrying out its  measurement
    related functions

Required Experience and qualifications

 The Consultant should have the following combination of qualifications and experience:
  • At least 10 years in the Telecommunications and ICT sector with relevant international
  • and project experience
  • Demonstrable  experience  in  undertaking  predictive  coverage  modelling  for  mobile
  • carriers
  • Particular  technical  and industry experience  on  GSM  mobile technology,  UMTS  mobile
  • technology
  • Experience with small developing island states and related working environment
  • Competency in capacity training; and
  • Ability to work with the TRR team.
Demonstrated  and  relevant  technical  know-how  including  capacity  building  and
developmental  skills,  ethical  judgment,  advanced  communication  skills,  highly  motivated,
flexible, team player, and problem solving skills. Experience working in a Pacific Island country
would be an advantage


Not Stated


Not Stated

How To Apply:

TRR  now  invites  eligible  Firms  to  indicate  their  interest  in  providing  the  above  mentioned
services. Interested Consultants must  provide  information indicating that they are qualified to
perform  the  services  (brochures,  description  of  similar  assignments,  experience  in  similar
conditions, availability of appropriate skills among staff, etc. from firms and CV from individual
consultants). The Firm will be selected in accordance with the selection based on Consultants’ Qualifications (CQS)  procedures  set  out  in  the  World  Bank’s  Guidelines:  Selection  and  Employment  of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers (January 2011 edition).
Interested Firms may obtain the Terms of Reference at the following address below during
office hours 0800-1700 hours, Monday to Friday, Vanuatu Time.Expressions of interest must be delivered to the address below by Close of Business at 4.30pm 20 May 2016.

Contact Person:

Dalsie Baniala


(+678) 27621- 27440
TRR, 1st floor Oceanwalk Building, Lini Highway, PO Box 3547, Port Vila, Vanuatu



        28-Apr-16 Direct from Employers