13 October, 2021

Heavy Weight Driver

Vanuatu Copra and Cocoa Exporters Ltd




Due Date: 




Full Time


Organisation Description: 

We purchase Copra and Cocoa and have it exported to overseas markets.
Apart we also import and sell 40kg Portland Cement in Luganville and Malekula.


Job Desctiption:

We purchase copra and cocoa from local producers and have them sold to the markets overseas. We do whole sale and retail with imported Portland cement.


Selection Criteria:

 Qualified Heavy Weight Driver
 Holds a Valid Heavy Weight Drivers License
 At Least 5 Years of Work Experience as Heavy Weight Driver
 Mature Personality – confident, Careful and responsible while on duty
 Flexible and dynamic – Prepared to work under pressure and after hours and in any situation
 Can Work as a team
 Self-Motivated
 Self-Disciplined
 Reliable
 Respectful
 Obedient – Submits to directive of Authority




How to Apply

Apply by:

In person


Contact Person:

Dyson Wilson


Contact Phone:


Email to send applications to:



Postal Address or location to apply in person:

Dyson Wilson
Vanuatu Copra & Cocoa Exporters Ltd
Custom Wharf
P.O.Box 213
Luganville, SANTO




How to apply - more information:

Enclose Cover letter along with references and Cv

 For further information on the above job please contact the employer directly.


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